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Why does Android become very slow over time?

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Everyone in the world knows a simple fact – over time, the Android smartphone begins to slow down terribly.
Moreover, the hardware is not so old and removing applications does not help.
Reinstalling the OS completely helps me.
I have a Samsung galaxy S5.

First there was stock firmware, then the phone 2 years after the release began to slow down so that I could not just answer an incoming call!

The phone started ringing and only 10 seconds later the answer button appeared on the display.

Is there any other way to return the phone to normal performance WITHOUT resetting the firmware?

Searches on the Internet did not give results, some smart people write that they say the iron is outdated, applications eat more resources… but this is not the case, because the experiment shows that with the same set of applications and with the same OS version, the phone works colosally differently! (I’m talking about the fact that if you put the same OS with the same applications everything works like lightning)

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